Fizzle Like a Flood

Hosted by a robot (or Dr. Stephen Hawking if you'd prefer) and fueled by Vess strawberry soda, Fizzle Like a Flood is an aural scrapbook - an ongoing time capsule. Various life recordings, songs, stories, random sounds, etc. Many appearances by Doug's bestie, Trilety, his girlfriend, Megan and his cat, Cinder.
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Apr 9, 2016

Welcome to Spring! In this episode, Doug and Megan go to check out a real life 'on location' movie set and Doug ventures solo into the Mall Of The Bluffs on a Saturday afternoon secret mission. 


- Megan and Doug at JD's Circle In cuz it's a movie set, yo!

- Super adventure with a sweaty Doug in the Mall Of The Bluffs.  

- 'Gypsy Driver' played by The Movies live on The River quite a few years ago (I think this is the toughest thing we ever did, even if I did rush a bit.)

- J-Law jokes! Gets notes from Trilety.

- Doug has enough Mellencamp in Homer's on a Friday night. Sorry Eddie.

- Doug's favorite of his friend Richard's podcast 'The Infinite Now.' The Pickled Fairy of Possibility. The universe grabs a sharpie...

- The Painfully Cheesy Love Song of The Week: 'Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight' by Brian Wilson circa 1988 or some time around then. Ouch. 



Apr 1, 2016

April Fool's Day fun with the joke that was the Suckapellacast. And then a bunch of other fun things. All with LOTS of special sound effects! (Doug promises less in the future.) But it makes sense with the Suckapellacast, okay? 


- If you didn't know, 'E.T.' is Doug's favorite movie.

- Doug gets to park in the covered garage at work now.

- An unfinished instrumental FLAF track from an album idea that was about making cool instrumentals for Megan and Trilety to play in their bakery. Probably would have been called 'Bird Songs' or something, I guess. It was made by recording melodies over 'Total Job' by The Faint. Really.

- The first podcast Doug tried to make: 'Suckapellacast' There was not a second attempt.

- Some singing bowls at Oakview Mall

- Doug's car will make this sound until it is no more, ugh.

- Doug's dentist, Dr. B, has a chair of doom.

- The Major Award!

- The first Painfully Cheesy Love Song of the Week - 'What Does It Take' by Chicago (e-mail suggestions to

- Don't lick it, Doogie! 

Mar 12, 2016

Headed into the death rattle of winter, Doug finds someone SUPER special and almost learns to juggle.


- The dreams of a Bestie

- They make a Bigfoot call!

- Trilety has a birthday at Cilantro's and wears the special sombrero

- A bit of 'Ticket Taker' from Matt Whipkey's Penny Park Holland Center performance

- Car Alarm Cardinal

- The big news!!

- Firing the Death Star at The Alamo Draft House and magic sound pipes with Miss Megatron

- 'Running' by At Land (rough unfinished version with scratch vocals)

- Some random car chat between Doug, Megan and Elisabeth between 114th and 90th and Dodge after Trilety's birthday dinner

- Juggling is way hard

- 'Everyone Says' cassette recorded demo by Doug and Steph 2012

- 'Hang Myself on You' by The Candyskins

- Wayne and Laurie warming up to podcast. "We're good" :-)



Feb 21, 2016

A lovers' extravaganza for February! I hope those lovers out there do enjoy. 


- Rudy rules some Elvis

- The Unadilla, NE Groundhog Parade featuring Unadilla Bill! And Trilety.

- There are still phone booths??

- Collection of things from my Super Bowl gathering

- Travis via Township and Range serenades us via the Barley St Tavern 

- Some reactions to Tinder at Steph's VD party

- 'Say You'll Be Mine' by Frederick Julius via my pal Matt Geiler

- A sound I made on Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2016. 9 is the most evolved number.



Feb 6, 2016

January finishes up with plenty of midwinter randomness.


- Trilety sends me a voicemail rap while I'm visiting my folks in Florida.

- I have finally submitted and joined the 'George Noory Sucks' camp.

- 'Black Darts' An old tune that came after The Laces but before FLAF. I think it was a bonus track on the very first CDRs of 'Golden Sand and the Grandstand.' Lyrical content is WAY too heavy. This was my first try at playing live cymbals along with programmed kick and snare. Not bad. At Land should have done this with reworked lyrics.

- Megan explains a 'Monet' and I give her one back.

- Viewer's Choice Win!

- Listen to my brother bust his ass one of the first times he tried to skateboard.

- Trilety's theory on the extinction of dinosaurs

- Isolated tracks from 'Halo.' Sound great on the record but I remembered hitting a bunch of bad notes and not giving an eff. Vocals cover good, huh?

- 'Kitchen Table' by North of Dean 1996

- Trilety sneaks a recording of Doug Think. The key phrase here is 'usually they just stop crying.'

- Enter Trixie and welcome her to the Fizzle Like a Flood cast. Meow, fembot!



Jan 23, 2016

I introduce Trilety to 'The Phantom Menace.'


- 'Fizzle Like a Flood' by Tripmaster Monkey (7" version)

- Enter the 'disco ninja.' Please note when Trilety calls the ships that deploy the droid army 'black Snoopies.' They do look like that.

- A Moment to Hold

- Cleaning out the work fridge

- 'Killshot' acoustic tape recorder version 2005

- 'You can't scrub this out'

- Christmas eve whistling 

- Final thoughts on Baby Anakin

- Brad Hoshaw performing 'Hillside' Jan 20, 2016

- The I Don't Cares enter Doug's world 

Jan 16, 2016

Based off a Karaoke night at the Winchester in November 2015. The first night I drank after a month of no sugar. 


- 'Petunia Doug' - Todd's song for me

- New gutters!

- Trilety and I sing along with the best ever little Christmas show at the Chanticleer Theater in Council Bluffs

- Whipkey's reminiscences

- Mock up of a Fizzle album opener that would have been this + 'Sickly Sweet' (written by Travis) done Fizzle style. Opening tune called 'I Wanna Be Where You Go.' For someone, somewhere. 

- Cinder, my bipolar kitty

- 'The Family Man' gets me good

- The 'stunt work' guy was just some random dude at the bar, I think.

- My tape recorder cover of The Mountain Goats song 'Jenny' 2005

- Ben opens up

Special guests: Todd! Steph! Travis! Cousin Jon! Whipkey!




Jan 10, 2016

This is just the 'pilot' so don't judge. However it DOES shake all the balls in the basement.


- Matchbook Shannon rocking some Oasis in Mike's basement in 1997

- Doug and Trilety's friendiversary, October 2015

- Random stuff

- An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorded at the Sallie House in Kansas

- Trilety and I watch 'Lucas.' We all drop the fucking ball, man.

- Special fall leaf trick by Trilety

- 'Care Bear' as recorded in 1996 for my first cassette release

- Trilety's denial



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