Fizzle Like a Flood

Fizzle Like a Flood is an aural scrapbook - an ongoing time capsule. Various life recordings, songs, stories, random sounds, etc. Many appearances by Doug's bestie, Trilety, his girlfriend, Megan and his cat, Cinder.
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Aug 4, 2020

More stuff happened this month than I remember happening! 

- Bottle rockets & fireworks on Capitol Ave.

- Megan playing corn hole in the Kabolympics (name invented by Trilety, I think)

- George Gem! What year did "A Space Odyssey" come out, again?

- Mastering the "Starry Shoots" EP with Other Doug at Focus! (

- Super Peter Gabriel "Up" listening session while at Focus

- New kitchen faucet sounds ("Wet Sounds")

- Socially distant park sounds from July

- Randy's hearing dogs!

- Thunder


Jul 1, 2020

All Doug alone this month! 

- My "Pet Sounds" simulation at a Council Bluffs RR crossing

- The sounds of the Wabash

- Bleacher laser beams in La Vista!

- The first summer cicadas from the Belafonte

- Another George Gem with him tripping over Dick Van Dyke like he was an ottoman  

Jun 2, 2020

Are we done with this year yet?? 

- Bill treats Doug to a pre-storm "Hawaiian Baby" by the Spinanes

- Hiking in Blair and finding a patriotic bell

- Mystery plane circles midtown

- Doug's songwriting fail from a bike ride - "It's Just Gonna Rain On Me" (which it actually didn't!)

- The sound of sirens out on the street and then again on TV. ("The Goonies" Mouth's opening scene in reverse)

- Buffalo Tom's "Anything That Way" by Bill for happy hour

May 2, 2020

Here are the sounds from deep in quarantine! (People squeezing all the marrow out of life with a train whistle, etc.)

- A socially distant happy hour over at the Campbells' 

- Listening on the Belafonte for Laura to blow here train whistle (featuring Tom Becka!)

- Trilety listening for the whistle

- Laura's Facebook Live of the big blow!

- Shut-in fun with Megan playing Doug's keyboard

- Some lovely accordion in the heart of Dundee

- Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom covering The Replacements on his happy hour live stream a couple weeks ago

- The start of haunt work has begun!

- Megan burned some old journals during the quarantine. Doug made her read a bit before they went up in flames.

- Enjoying a squeaky swing in Elkhorn, NE    

Apr 1, 2020

We start with some hard rocking and go into quiet social distancing. Very March (in like a lion, out like a lamb)!

- Best kazoo solo EVER

- The sound of Whipkey from OUTSIDE

- Couldn't keep a straight face during the hot lickz

- A quiet walk in Fairmount Park

- Megan and Doug playing Super Mario Bros

- The sounds of lake Manawa early in the morning

- More nature sounds in a bike break

- The month's George Gem: "Countabulating"

Mar 3, 2020

Not that many recordings this month. But it is the dead of winter after all...

- A night of margaritas and song with Randy and Randy

- My first time watching the Polar Plunge. So great!! Better seen with eyes.

- Trilety and her fantastic introductions on Valentines Day

- How George Noory apparently never even practiced saying their names is beyond my comprehension. 

Feb 1, 2020

- Entering 2020 at the Campbells'. Awkward silence.

- Explaining the change (or trying to) to Trilety aka. "SONIC CENTIPEDE."

- Trying out the new popcorn popper plus a chat with Geiler on Chevey's Heavies night

- A new music thing - "Swing Blade." Does it sound like it swings up and back down like a swing? 

- New rowing machine!

- New drum beat after a fail of a day trying real drums. For "Black Walls."

- Facebook Live Mark Haugen on a Saturday night

- George Noory's profound shit

- Bull Nettles live at the Waiting Room. The end of "Howl and Whine" captured by Trilety on Instagram.

- Out on the boat in Florida!

- Ambient sounds of Mount Dora

- "Stranger Things" pinball at the Underwood




Dec 29, 2019

Enjoy some Christmas chimes and Trilety blowing a wooden train whistle on Christmas Eve!

Nov 29, 2019

A lovely sound from Thanksgiving dinner! 

Nov 27, 2019

Quiet! (The Maestro is working.)


Nov 21, 2019

Doug and Megan's birthday was yesterday and they got a BAMBOO SKELETON!

Nov 11, 2019

Doug, Megan and Amy toured Paisley Park this past weekend! When phones were again allowed, Doug recorded this. Note how the music suddenly changes quite drastically and then Doug's phone starts doing things on its own. WAS IT PRINCE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE?????? 

Nov 4, 2019

A little random throwback recording from today. :)

Nov 2, 2019

"Excitable Boy" by Warren Zevon performed by Township & Range on Halloween 2019 at the Barley Street Tavern.

Oct 30, 2019

Trilety and Doug venture through the train haunted by decorations from Mangelsen's! Akkkk!

Oct 28, 2019

We just had the haunted house for the 3rd year last night. So I "dug up" all I got compiled from the 2nd year for you all to digest! Going through all of it last year is kind of what KILLED the regular podcast ha

Oct 24, 2019

Megan was on her game and recorded Tripmaster playing their gem "Shutters Closed" at the release show for "My East Is Your West" in Davenport back in September!

Listen to the new album here:

Oct 22, 2019

Megan got her tattoo worked on last Friday.

Oct 19, 2019

Was able to capture Steve's heartbreaking gem last night at the David's House Series show with Pink Flamingos! 

Oct 15, 2019

The Midwest Winds Kite Flyers fall festival was Sunday afternoon! You can follow what their fly schedule is here...


Oct 11, 2019

Here's the first decent demo we've made. Kind of sloppy but, hey, put it in Bob Pollard's pipe and smoke it! I think the song shines through the haze.

Oct 8, 2019

A new beginning just in time for October! (Sorry, this one doesn't have Deborah Voorhees.) Listen up as Doug tries to explain his "new direction" to Trilety. Hopefully now we'll get back to some content. Just one hobo nugget at a time. :) 


Feb 2, 2019

Hello! It's Groundhog day (Doug's 3rd favorite holiday) and there is a new Fizzlecast for you! Hello! It's Groundhog day (Doug's 3rd favorite holiday) and there is a new Fizzlecast for you! Hello! It's Groundhog day (Doug's 3rd favorite holiday) and there is a new Fizzlecast for you!

Okay, funny joke over. I hope you enjoy these recordings from the past couple of months! 


- Megan shares a joke that gives Doug a hyphen/dash flashback

- A Thanksgiving toast and car wash

- "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath as performed by Weezer on the Teal Album

- Welcome Winter!

- Drinks at the Mercury Lounge's Christmas pop-up

- Opening Megan's 2018's advent calendar

- T'was the Night Before Christmas done Rat Pack style performed by the players at PART's "Sinatra Christmas"

- Suzie's close call at Christmas

- Doug plays his 20 yr old cover of "Little Whirl" by Guided by Voices for Trilety (and himself)

Dec 21, 2018

Happy Christmastime, people! It's the solstice and Doug and Trilety want to play you some records to celebrate. Doug picked them out and T-bird added her reflections. Everyone have a great holiday season!

Song 1: 'Magic Perfume' by Charlyne Yi - From a really cute movie called Paper Heart.

Song 2: 'This Package' by Frederick Julius/Matt Geiler/Dancing Pumpkin Man -

Song 3: 'Something There Is About You' by Bob Dylan off the Planet Waves album.

Song 4: 'You Could Have Me If You'd Want Me' aka. 'Slut' by At Land (rough version w/ demo vocal)

Song 5: 'Bar-B-Que' by Yancy Woodchuck off the soundtrack to Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. 

Song 6: Midi 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' from this website: 





Nov 18, 2018

Hello and welcome to a new season of FLAF!! The haunted house is all closed up for the winter and it's time for some random recordings from Doug's life. Enjoy!


- In the spring, Doug and Megan got to see Hollywood Babble-On live in Iowa City (and sing along to the Justin Bieber song).

- Trilety speaks of the emotional burden of cupcakes. And hates on sprinkles.  

- Snow geese at DeSoto Bend (for Dan!)

- Doug, Megan & Elisabeth went down to meet Travis & Rachel in Kansas City for the Oddities Expo.

- Sarah Benck singing that one Blues Traveler 'Hook' song

- watching the motorcycle jumps at World of Wheels with 'Jimety'

- The Prohibitches go see the Prairie Cats at Ozone lounge

- A spotting of Ralph Garman in the Iowa City ped mall!

- Doug and Megan visit Raven's Grin Inn in Mount Carroll, IL

- Matt Whipkey's size 32 pants story

- Gearing up for Megan's art show in the spring

- Mom missed the birthday surprise because of the damn wipers

- Matt Geiler's amazing 'Rainbow On the Ceiling' song for Trilety who is actually Megan

- My name vexes Hauntcast's Chris Baker mwhahahaha     




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