Fizzle Like a Flood

Hosted by a robot (or Dr. Stephen Hawking if you'd prefer) and fueled by Vess strawberry soda, Fizzle Like a Flood is an aural scrapbook - an ongoing time capsule. Various life recordings, songs, stories, random sounds, etc. Many appearances by Doug's bestie, Trilety, his girlfriend, Megan and his cat, Cinder.
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Apr 16, 2016

Doug travels to St. Louis to see Kevin Smith live and realizes the trip is way different with only one person driving (zzzzzzz). Megan and Doug get in a bit of springtime haunted attraction action at Mystery Manor. Doug's elbow was sore for a week after that slide, yo.


- My quick reflection on Kevin Smith live. 

- $52.19 in Lion's Choice sandwiches. THEY WILL BE ENJOYED.

- 'Jackson' by Frontier Trust (1995)

- Mystery Manor 'Ghouls Gone Wild' adventure

- 'Up your ass a little bit'

- A sweet bit of Kevin's St. Louis show. I wonder if he'd listen to my podcast.

- The Painfully Cheesy Love Song of The Week: 'Gonna Let Her In' by John Travolta

Apr 9, 2016

Welcome to Spring! In this episode, Doug and Megan go to check out a real life 'on location' movie set and Doug ventures solo into the Mall Of The Bluffs on a Saturday afternoon secret mission. 


- Megan and Doug at JD's Circle In cuz it's a movie set, yo!

- Super adventure with a sweaty Doug in the Mall Of The Bluffs.  

- 'Gypsy Driver' played by The Movies live on The River quite a few years ago (I think this is the toughest thing we ever did, even if I did rush a bit.)

- J-Law jokes! Gets notes from Trilety.

- Doug has enough Mellencamp in Homer's on a Friday night. Sorry Eddie.

- Doug's favorite of his friend Richard's podcast 'The Infinite Now.' The Pickled Fairy of Possibility. The universe grabs a sharpie...

- The Painfully Cheesy Love Song of The Week: 'Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight' by Brian Wilson circa 1988 or some time around then. Ouch. 



Apr 1, 2016

April Fool's Day fun with the joke that was the Suckapellacast. And then a bunch of other fun things. All with LOTS of special sound effects! (Doug promises less in the future.) But it makes sense with the Suckapellacast, okay? 


- If you didn't know, 'E.T.' is Doug's favorite movie.

- Doug gets to park in the covered garage at work now.

- An unfinished instrumental FLAF track from an album idea that was about making cool instrumentals for Megan and Trilety to play in their bakery. Probably would have been called 'Bird Songs' or something, I guess. It was made by recording melodies over 'Total Job' by The Faint. Really.

- The first podcast Doug tried to make: 'Suckapellacast' There was not a second attempt.

- Some singing bowls at Oakview Mall

- Doug's car will make this sound until it is no more, ugh.

- Doug's dentist, Dr. B, has a chair of doom.

- The Major Award!

- The first Painfully Cheesy Love Song of the Week - 'What Does It Take' by Chicago (e-mail suggestions to

- Don't lick it, Doogie!